Abused as a child, Tammie found refuge in music. She spent her early years singing in her local church. She joined a local band that toured as the opener for Percy Sledge, always accompanied by her mother. After her mom passed away, Shannon was so stricken with grief, she gave up singing. After marriage marred by deceit and further abuse left Tammie broken and alone to raise her three daughters. Scarred but undaunted, Shannon focused on motherhood and building a successful business.

In 2013, Shannon was in an accident that required surgery. The intubation process damaged a vocal cord and left it paralyzed. It took a year to regain full use of her voice. The near loss of her vocal gifts and a life changing conversation with her daughter put music back at the center of her life as she temed up with Grammy-nominated producer Kent Wells.

“No genre of music is more honest than the Blues,” remarks Shannon, “and that is what has always attracted me to it. Life, put to music, is the Blues.”

After Tammie’s very personal triumphant story and second single, “Bulletproof” hit the airwaves, she was bombarded with interviews and featured in magazines, on radio and in blogs to share her lyrics and inspirational story.

Tammie Shannon didn’t just record a Blues album, she’s lived it. Shannon’s All of Me album was nominated for Best Original Blues Album and Female Album of The Year,  tells us her life’s story, with each song chronicling a piece of her journey through abuse, betrayal and loss to empowerment and victory over personal hardship.

The album unexpectedly brought up some deeply hidden feelings for Shannon. After taking a break from her business and her music to focus on herself utilizing meditation and crystals to increase her vibrational energy, change her law of attraction and chang her life forever.

Tammie’s transformational awakening has expanded her musical talents, life long creativity, successful business and teaching talents enabling her to use her intuitive and empathic gifts for service to others.

“It’s not who I am “in spite of ” but “because of”  every experience that I know, it’s because of each and every single obsticles, situation and experience that I’ve had that I am who I am. I CAN BECAUSE I AM and YOU can be too!