About Us

In addition to being a nominated blues artist and pubic figure, Tammie has expanded as she openly invites everyone that chooses to achieve true power and greatness in their life, to join her as she talks about and teaches life changing techniques in monthly subscriptions, group training calls and webinars, individual coaching sessions, retreats and business consulting on claiming your power, fueling your passion and living with purpose to include music and more.

Join Tammie on her podcast for her latest and newest talent addition where she introduces Sy, her inner child personality and humor to talk about life, challenges, adventure and other limitless subjects. Tammie new podcast will also, allow you, the listening, to ask questions and interact with her and Sy.  Tammie uses her wit, humor and ability to transform her voice into the character Sy. 

Tammie believes, life gives us choices every step of the way and that’s why Tammie’s offerings provide flexibility and the power to be creative as one offering can seamlessly move into another depending on how your life unfolds.  A unique offering is paying by lesson. One step at a time.  Only you know what you need.  

If you are called to connect to Tammie, and you are willing to do the work,  she will guide and help you navigate yourself into a life of limitless possibilities no matter what challenges or conflicts.  She knows from her core that “It’s Going To Be OK”. 

Tammie’s teaching and interactive style includes an astute ability to respond in a familiar way that matches the your learning style.  Written PDFs, Stories, Music, Animation, Humor and Up Close -Dynamic Retreats to ignite your imagination and open up limitless possibilities, both personally and professionally.  

Non-Profit activities and benefits offer funding available for scholarships so all people have the opportunity to grow and expand at the rate, pace, and depth they choose.  No person is ever left behind, if they make the commitment to evolve and grow.  Saying YES, to choosing the path you want to walk is the first step.  

It’s time to stop the struggle, activate your courage and move with and into love, grace and ease.  Join us as we help you create your own transformational journey.  Become a part of the family whose goals are to offer the purest and highest unconditional love to be inservice for and harmony with the good of all 

Tammie empowers you with offerings and chooses based on your needs and budget. Tammie offers scholarships for those that can’t pay but wish to change their life. (The scholarships go quickly so act fast as these are limited). 

All things are possible when you are open to ask, allow, accept and act on guidance that’s yours to discover.  Tammie’s offerings provide a continuum of unconditional loving support and strategies for your success.  She is an expert on navigating distractions and discernment to help you arrive at your passion and purpose. 

Stay connected for more exciting updates!